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Door Hinge Exploded Assembly Drawing

Build Template File, plan and cost your build before you start

Android Phone App, our free app to help you access useful information while mobile

Body setup dimensions, to help you when you are fitting your body components

IVA manual

Ford 302/351 to Renault UN1 adaptor plate drawing - £5 

Below are DXF files for use for making your aluminium panels for the GTs40 chassis. Each file is £1.00 and is delivered instantly by electronic download through the PayLoadz service.

Tunnel Side Panel DXF file   GTS40-0093
Floor Pan DXF file   GTS40-0076
Horse Shoe Side Panel - Upper DXF file   GTS40-0070
Horse Shoe Side Panel - Lower DXF file  GTS40-0071
Side Pontoon Top - Rear Outer Panel DXF file  GTS40-0079
Side Pontoon Top - Rear Inner Panel DXF file GTS40-0078
Side Pontoon Top DXF file   GTS40-0077
Footwell Top Panel DXF file  GTS40-0059
Footwell Top Panel Access Hatch DXF file  GTS40-0060

Engine Drawings/CAD Models
Ford 302 Exhaust 3D  Port Positions Drawing 
Ford 302 3D CAD Model of Exhust Port Positions   

Race Car Rear Wing Profile DXF file Race Car Rear Wing 3D Step file